World Kidney Day – Website

By March 10, 2016Design, Mobile, Web

I was hired by Slovenian Society of Nephrology for a worthy occasion Рthe World Kidney Day. A day dedicated to the global awareness of the importance of healthy living, a day dedicated to kidney disease and how to best prevent it with a healthy lifestyle. On the 10th of March, all across the globe activities took place in hospitals, medical societies, medical institutions and other public places.

In over 50 different locations all across Slovenia, info spots were established, some of which offered urine analysis, measurement of blood sugar levels, measurement of blood pressure and more. For these purposes we were asked to build a mobile friendly website where the public would have real-time updated information on the exact locations in their vicinity and times during which activities would take place. On the other hand, we built a system for the institutions (the 50+ locations), for ordering materials such as brochures, posters, urine testing materials etc.

Check the website here.

sdl2016_dogodek_mockupAbout the event page, with an interactive map of regions. Relevant information for the public readily available in a drop-down layout, the what, the where and the when.


sdl2016_institucije_mockupInstitutions page, where institutions could order materials for their “World Kidney Day” activities, such as brochures, posters & urnie analysis test strips.

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