What’s next in 3D printing – by Avi Reichental

By September 19, 20143D printing

Hi! While I am writing up “Part 2” of my 3D printing experience, I would like to invite you, the readers, to take 10 minutes out of your day, sit back and watch this awesome TED video by Avi Reichental on the limitless range of 3D printing applications. Avi Riechental is the CEO of 3D Systems In a short time he shows the potential of 3D printing in future, from products used in medical world (implants, support systems etc.) to food, to sports equipment, to educational tools, to the rivet on your table to fashion pieces. The 3D printing world really is limitless, when it comes to ideas, materials, colours and usage and it will only get bigger and better.

He uses a good comparison – we are all used to knowing our own shoe size right? But no one knows the “size of their glasses”, or in other terms, what’s the size of your bridge of your nose or the distance between your temples. The point of this comparison is, that at the beginning when first shoes were being made there probably weren’t many sizes, maybe three or even just two? Kids and adults? I have no idea, but the fact is, by shoes being present in our lives for so long, that if someone woke you up in the middle of the night and asked you this question you would probably reply instantly. Well 3D printing is about to expand this on other levels, other areas.

With scanning today, you can get pin-point measurements of your face, leg, wrist, body whatever if scanned properly, so everything could and will be tailor-made, see the path? I believe without a doubt that this will be, or is the 2nd industrial revolution.

The guy has an awesome wrist watch too, I wonder if that is also in part or in full 3D printed :)

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