TEDxLjubljana – The BIG event!

By November 7, 2015My Life

After months and months of preparation and after the first ever mid-air TEDx event on an airplane IN THE WORLD back in September, we at TEDxLjubljana have organized our main annual event on the 8th of November, 2015. It was held at the only big enough indoor place to house 1500+ people, Gallus Hall of Cankarjev Dom. We had 11 very interesting speakers from all walks of life, from various fields of work covering a plethora of interesting stories and ideas worth sharing.

Food for thought. Tickets for TEDxLjubljanaSalon in AIR (first ever TEDx event organized on an airplane, during flight) were sold out in 13 milliseconds. Tickets for TEDxLjubljana (the BIG event) were gone in less then 20 seconds, all 1600 of them and 1300 people went on to the waiting list.

After the redesign of the TEDxLjubljana’s website, I dove into creating an identity for this year’s main event. The slogan of the event was “Explosion of ideas in November”. I decided to use the vastness of space, for backdrop canvas. Space, where explosions happen on a daily basis like stars going supernova at the end of their life cycle etc.. Explosions are as common in space, as air is on Earth, well sort of. An explosion of ideas has happened on the stage of TEDxLjubljana this November. And it was amazing.

Had the pleasure of working with an epic team of fellows organizers and the result could not have been any different – EPIC.

Event header graphic

Organizers ID badge

Speakers announcement slides

Organizer's and volunteer's T-Shirts

To create a bit of contrast and to make our volunteers stand out more from the crowd, I went for the white T-Shirt instead of black with a prominent X on the back.

Facebook cover graphic

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