TEDxLjubljana Sky – First in the World

By September 17, 2015My Life

On the 24th of September, 2015, we will have an exclusive event. First TEDx event in the World, that will take place in an airplane, during flight! TEDxLjubljana is, yet again, breaking records. This will not only be the first TEDx event held on an airplane during flight, but obviously it will also become the highest ever held TEDx event in the World.

“TEDxLjubljana Sky” – the whole TEDxLjubljana team has been working hard, organizing the event for months and months and now finally, with the help of Adria Airways, Slovenian national airline company as our general sponsor we will take to the Sky. Considering the amount of interested people (in less then 2 days, we had 1800 requests to join), we would need not 1, but at least 12 airplanes, to bring all the people up with us & numbers are rising.

My role at this event was helping as a co-organizer & providing technical support at the event and design various graphics for social media campaigns, marketing materials at the event’s location, like roll-ups, promo-wall, ID badges etc.

Visit our Facebook event page @ “TEDxLjubljana Sky”


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