NFIC 2014 – Mobile App Version 2.0.1

By February 20, 2015Mobile Apps, My Life

After a successful launch of our last year’s NFIC Mobile App 1.0, I was hired again this year to give the NFIC Mobile App an upgrade and most of all design and plan out a cool and super functional layout with a few new features requested by the client. This year, the NFIC event was celebrating its 15th Jubilee meeting of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, specialists in angiology and radiology from all over Europe, Japan and USA. With that in mind the client decided to raise the stakes and have us add some really heavy upgrades to the App, to help celebrate the occasion through the App as well. In the process I also redesigned some of the features to give it an update look. About all the upgrades and changes the images below tell the whole story.


The NFIC 2.0.1 Mobile App was developed for both Android and iOS users and is available on both Play Store and App Store. With a refreshed look, new flat design the NFIC 2014 App is optimised, half the size of the previous one and full of new very useful features. The most powerful NEW feature is the “LIVE UPDATE” feature. It allows us to update the Event’s Programme instantly whenever the client wants us to. We inform you of any changes, updates and interested NFIC related information via our new News section. We use a Push Notification System alerting you instantly of all the changes and available updates. By pressing the refresh button, you can download the latest updates in a heartbeat. We have improved the Programme/My Programme transition allowing the users to personalize their NFIC 2014 faster and smoother.


Programme/MyProgramme has received some heavy changes as well. Starting with the programme divided into “Days” and “Workshops” it is much better structured and easily accessible for users to browse through the Programme and add events to My Programme by preference. The workshops have an accordion system, where you pull them down whenever you need to look inside and pull them back up to minimize the cluster. Everything is happening instantly. Another really good feature in the 2.0.1 version is the location of each lecture. Now you can access information about each lecture’s location directly from Programm/My Programme and get directions to the Venue. With new typography, we have made the readability of the App a lot better then the previous one and enlarged the font as well for less eye-strain.


The “Venue” feature allows attendees of the NFIC 2014 event to find their way to all the events with ease. Whether you are trying to get to the event by Car, Public Transport or on Foot, the NFIC 2.0.1 Mobile App will guide you directly to the place of interest. Offering extra information about the length, time and any obstacles on the way. Be sure to turn ON your GPS and click on any of the Venue buttons to be guided by Google Maps directly to the event’s location. For better location accuracy, we suggest you turn on your Wi-Fi if possible.


LIVE UPDATE – a very powerful feature that we have developed so that we are able to keep You most up to date, with latest changes in Programme and other NFIC 2014 related things. You will receive News daily and push notification about the pending updates of App’s content. By pressing the Refresh button inside the App, you will receive most recent updates in a matter of seconds. WiFi or Cellular internet connection are required for this action. Search function, use it to find speakers, faculty members and events. Add events, Get Directions, Contact faculty members and speakers DIRECTLY from within the Search results etc.

The App was a success, we had a 68,5% increase in download numbers on both Android and iOS.

To quote the client: “The App was praised”.

Looking forward to improving the App further and adding new functionalities and features in 2015.

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