Joining TEDxLjubljana

By September 5, 2015My Life, Responsive, Web


For ages, I have been a fan of TED Talks. Learning new things, widening my horizons, simply listening to interesting, innovative and creative people from all walks of life, talk about their passion, their views, their “Ideas worth sharing”. In June, 2015 I noticed a post on Facebook from the local TEDx team, TEDxLjubljana that they are looking for new people to join their organizing team. I didn’t think twice, before jumping on the “train” and joined the first introductory meeting. The team was already deep in preparations for the next event and we quickly found common grounds in my previous event-related experiences in organizing and technically supporting conferences. After I was told that they were looking for a creative person, for a graphic designer the deal was sealed. So my main role in the TEDxLjubljana team was defined – designer.

The official website of TEDxLjubljana was in dire need for a redesign, an uplift of their existing website. So the first thing I did, was to offer my services as web designer for the project. I loved the process and came up with a concept pretty fast. After polishing it for some time, it was ready for presentation. The design was confirmed and it went into production over to the guys at Gooya, who are coding a fully responsive page. Working closely with the developers over at Gooya we came to a final product, which will be visible soon live @ Until then, you can check the designs below.





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