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After more then 6 years of working at various conferences of all shapes and sizes, working with different people each with their unique skill set, I realized it was time to join the team under one banner, one brand and offer our services to conference organizers, venues and anyone else that needs a professional team of people to plan & execute a perfect event from A to Z.

What we as a team offer our clients is the whole conference experience package. From branding their event, to scouting possible locations, planning and consulting months ahead of the event, to building websites & mobile apps, to live streaming & recording an event, to on-location technical service for the entire event and more.


WEBSITES: we build conference websites, with all relevant information available on all devices (mobile first approach), depending on client’s needs we can build a registration system and payment system, add various features such as live streaming embeded into the website, live chat so people can join in on a debate, voting polls for people watching the live stream at home, live twitter feed to keep people informed or let people post their twits sharing their experience of your event etc.. Anything a client wants, we can deliver.

MOBILE APPS: we design and develop conference mobile apps, which today are becoming a standard and a must for organizers. Mobile apps, allow participants to access the event’s programme, personalize their experience by building “my programme”, contact the organizer, call a taxi, ask questions to active participants, take part in votes and much more, share social media information, connect and organize meetings via the event’s mobile app etc..

TECHNICAL EXECUTION: we offer a complete technical execution of the conference, starting  with preparations of the venue for the event. Offering a preview center for the speakers to go through and implement last minute corrections in their presentations. Continuing with an enriched presentations projection at the venue, adding a head shot camera of the speaker, adding their name and title of the lecture to the projection and/or any other graphic (branding of the event, sponsor logotypes etc.) running the presentation for the duration of the event. Setting up a timer-system, depending on the client’s wishes and demands of the event, we can set up a system where the speaker, the chairpersons and the audience can all see a timer for each speaker, allowing the organizer to keep the event on track and not end up with delays at the end of the day.

LIVE STREAMING: we offer on location live streaming of your event with highest quality of both video and audio signals, making sure that those at home can also enjoy the conference experience and learn from it. We can either build a website for the live stream for your event or embed the live stream into any pre-existing website you might have already set up.

LIVE TRANMISSION: we offer live tranmission (“live interview”) option of any speaker from any where in the World to partake in the conference and hold a lecture or join in on a discussion etc.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: we can video record the entire event and do post-production on the raw video footage for later use in email campaigns, website’s video archive, commercial use etc.

PRINT MATERIALS: we can design and prepare for print various marketing materials such as: brochures, posters, flyers etc. and organize the printing for you communicating with the print house of choice.

As I said, the whole package. Planning on having a conference and not knowing exactly how to do it or need one or more areas of your conference organization covered? Contact us and we will make things a lot easier for you.

The official website of envisio is in the making and will be available soon with all the relevant information, in the mean time you can contact me directly via my contact form HERE or via email @ hello@tomazmrevlje.com

There isn’t a challenge we are not willing to take on or haven’t faced in our course of over 6 years working at such events and we are very much looking forward to working with You.

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