Best Event Award 2015 – We got it!

By January 25, 2016My Life

Back in September 2015 we – the TEDxLjubljana team – did a huge “first timer”.  After months of preparations and literally years (almost 2, so it’s plural!) of convincing and searching for an airline partner we finally managed to pull off, a never before done type of event. First time ever, TEDx took to the skies. We organized a mid-flight, highest ever held TEDx event, called TEDxLjubljana Salon Sky. Together with 100+ passengers we boarded an A319 of our national airline Adria Airways.

My role in this project, was branding of the event, preparation of various graphic materials for PR, helping out with the technical planning and scouting of the venue. Coordinating with the technicians at the airport and testing out (we pulled a few “allnighters” at the airport) how everything will go down (no pun intended) on the D-Day, with other tech-wizz-guys from our team (shout out to Aleš, Marko, Peter, Matic). With all the security issues and regulations at the airport and in the international space, every “problem” that wouldn’t even be considered a problem on other events & venues, here became a bigger problem. However with great people around you, everything can be achieved.

Time in which tickets were sold out

And achieve we did! The event was a complete success and we have an Award to prove it! We won the Conventa Best Event Award for 2015, among a pool of other contestants such as “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week”, “BMW Grand Tourer WORLD PREMIER” and more… to be honest the competition wasn’t exactly fair – I mean come on, who else had an airplane, was flying over the sea, above the clouds, with the sun casting its rays through the windows and was listening to awesome stories from amazing speakers? We did!

Proud to have been a part of this project and happy to have contributed to a unique event such as this – TEDxLjubljana Salon Sky

Some photos from the ceremony @ Conventa

Photography by Marko Ocepek

A short video about the actual event

The TEDxLjubljana team is already busy planning new events. Bigger? Higher? More intense? Or deeper, lower, more exclusive? If I told you I would probably have to be “shot”, but you can be assured it will be amazing and unique just as the events in the past. Looking forward to pushing the boundaries of TEDx and events in general.

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