AKS 2015 (Acute Coronary Syndrome) – Rebranding, Print & Web

By January 15, 2015Branding, Print, Web

AKS – Acute Coronary Syndrome is a traditional annual event focused on interventional cardiology. Slovenian interventional & intensive care cardiologists gather once a year in Bled, Slovenia to discuss the latest guidelines, procedures and techniques. The event usually has anywhere from 250 – 300 active and passive participants and is very well organized, with special treats such as LIVE CASE tranmissions streamed directly into the event etc. I proposed a rebranding of their logotype, website and other print & digital promotional materials. See below.

AKS 2015 – LOGOTYPE | 3 versions to be used in different situations and media

AKS 2015 – PIN | A pin for active and passive participants to show some love and support for the project.

AKS 2015 – ID BADGE | An ID badge for active participants and speakers.

AKS 2015 – PROGRAMME POSTER | A poster with all the event-relevant information, to be used for promotional purposes.

AKS 2015 – WEBSITE | A fully responsive website, with its two main features – “Programme Page” & “Live Streaming Page”.

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